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BVG FahrInfo Plus


One app - all in one – all you needThe free BVG FahrInfo-Plus app is the combination of timetable information and ticket sales for Berlin and Brandenburg. Always have the best route information including real-time data from start to destination with the app. Choose what's important on your way: direct connection or stopover, wheelchair or bicycle. Transfer times and transport modes can be specified. Get departure times in real time of all stops and stations. And if you’ve lost your way the app will show your location on the map and show you the next stop/station. If required, with locations of our CarSharing partners. Set an alarm and you’ll be notified when your selected connection is at risk. For an overview of our network use our zoomable line network maps (also available offline) for more information.The heart of our app - TicketingThe FahrInfo Plus app is your ticketing machine for Berlin and Brandenburg consisting of day tickets, single tickets, short-trip-tickets, 4-trip-tickets, extension tickets, small-group day tickets as well as special offers for tourists such as BerlinWelcomeCards, CityTourCards and tickets for bicycles. All for Berlin ABC.
Tips to save clicks and timeWhen logging in check to active the "Remember me" button. Do not buy your ticket in the metro station but buy before entering the station which will assure a stable internet connection when purchasing. To retrieve your ticket you don’t need an internet connection, provided you have not logged out. To obtain timetables, departure times or purchasing a ticket an active online connection is required.